Monthly Archives: March 2017

Manifesting Heaven on Earth

Twenty years ago, I wrote The Marriage of Souls, The Second Coming of Pure Love. The Marriage of Souls is about creating heaven on earth together. Bliss is for those who love each other, flowing into each other, feeding each other, ever part of one life. In the Marriage of Souls is a promise, “a […]

Sanctuary Healing, Learning and Retreat Center

What we intend to teach and practice in our new retreat center in the central highlands of Brazil is exclusive healthcare, the same care you can learn to practice exclusively and privately at home. One can intensely treat oneself with the help of loved ones, private staff, and even professionals that can be visited in […]

Natural Cures from the Kitchen

Awareness of the association between nutrition and disease is important not just for reducing risk of cancer but in helping people recover from it. The secret to recovery from all diseases is found in healing through the fulfillment of nutritional law. Doctors, blinded by pharmaceutical terrorism (the industry that just loves to poison people with […]

Miracle Healing Water at Sanctuary

“Miracle healing water” has been found in nature at only a few specific locations throughout the world. Miracle healing waters have been discovered in Mexico, Germany, India, France, Japan and China and now in Brazil at my Sanctuary, where we teach people how to make these miracle-healing waters at home. Science and Medicine have been […]

Sanctuary House of Listening

The one thing in the world that produces love and understanding is the one thing most missing in our civilization. Listening is the key to healthy human relationships but we have never been taught to listen. It certainly is not modeled in governments thus not in public educational systems. Authoritative institutions do not champion listening […]