Healing, peace, tranquility can be hard to find in our modern world.

Imagine just for a minute the perfect place to heal and recharge. For a computer we might re-boot it but how do we re-boot physically, mentally and spiritually?

If there was a place, it would need to be right amongst nature, raw beautiful unspoiled unpolluted nature, with stunning flowers and trees and living water. The sounds of wild animals and birds, no cars or crowds certainly no chem-trails or GMOs It would need to be like going back to the garden of Eden. In such a place one could find relief from the stresses and pollution's, the chemicals and struggles of each and every day.

No need to imagine, this place exists, it has been the dream of Dr Mark Sircus to create for 10 years. A place where people could come and begin to empower their body, with the tools to heal from within, without the constant bombardment of toxins and stresses of modern living. Deep in Brazil in an Idyllic location, few of which exist anymore.

Relax and experience the power of far infrared gently warming your body as you listen to the sounds of nature and drink pristine water from the local stream. Walk bare foot along the river as you soak up the bountiful negative ions. This is not a dream this is something anyone can do who values themselves and wants to give their body the very best chance to re-boot and thrive.

Sanctuary Hotel

Sanctuary Hotel

Sanctuary is a dream come true. The dream of bringing a piece of heaven to earth. A special place to rest and venture out on his own nature. Read More »



Single rooms, spacious suits and penthouse apartment are available with a wonderful view of the valley. We offer free wi-fi system.Read More »

Hotel Overview

  • 10 luxury guest rooms
  • Natural and Nutritional Food
  • Outdoor Hot tube
  • Natural swimming holes



Our restaurant are cozy, integrated with the nature, and has a menu with a natural and nutritious food.Read More »



Known as "Gate of Heaven", the Chapada offers attractions for all tastes and ages. It would take a lifetime to explore all the sweet spots in the region and really it’s impossible to count all the waterfalls on the high chapada.Read More »



Our mission is to assist our guests in the rescue of harmony, health and wellness, through an experience of relaxation, energizing, treatments, teachings, experiences and contact with nature, seeking a balance between mind, body, spirit and emotions.