A perfect place to heal ourselves and our intimate relationships.
Retreats for Individuals, Couples and Groups

We are a luxurious retreat center embedded in a pristine environment in the interior of Brazil. Our Sanctuary is a paradise, offering a literal trip to heaven. Join us for deep relaxation and privacy far from the maddening crowds.
You will find that Sanctuary has a non-commercial spiritual vibration, and we give our guests the ability to shape their own experiences.

We offer both physical healing and deep therapy programs designed for the needs of each person. We have world famous Dr. Mark Sircus and his Innovative Medicine, which offers the best of alternative and complimentary medicine and his wife Luciana Valentim, both of who offer diverse therapies. We are interested in working with people who want to listen, be with Nature, retreat into themselves all with the goal of healing the stress and conflicts in their lives. Our exclusive center is non-commercial, private, giving our guests the ability to shape their own experience.

Throughout the retreat, participants will gain knowledge through enlightening lectures and theoretical and practical workshops, aiming to learn how to correctly use the different therapeutic modalities represented by Dr. Sircus. The practical workshops will provide a unique opportunity to experience various elements of the therapeutic protocol firsthand, essential for improving health.


We have assembled the most sophisticated healing equipment that one can learn and practice using at Sanctuary. The most intense infrared photon machine, hydrogen and oxygen inhalation, EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy), Carbon Dioxide inhalation, and CO2 dry body suit for transdermal application and breathing retraining therapies will be featured.

Sanctuary Healing and Retreat Center

We are and exclusive center for health recovery where the concentration goes far beyond
physical medicine as we penetrate the worlds of emotion, mind and spirit

Dr. Mark Sircus and professor Luciana Valentim combine their intelligence, wisdom and love to create amazing opportunities for growth and healing. Dr. Sircus is a world famous author of medicine and health books who works on the deepest levels with his clients. He is a doctor of oriental medicine and well as pastoral medicine. He is a doctor of the soul as well as the body.

Luciana is a master of Reiki, a yoga therapist, and soon to be art therapist who has mastered all the challenges of a relationship; achieving the perfected space of pure love. Fully living the Marriage of Souls and the beautiful fires of divine romance she shines a light that everyone falls for, especially the good doctor. Together Mark and Luciana share love with all who seek their help.

Heaven Made Manifest on Earth

Sanctuary is a paradise hidden behind two rivers that surround us. Thus, we have three natural swimming pools close to the house. We have created an island of light and an oasis of love—a safe place to retreat to recover from stress and chronic diseases.

Sanctuary House

We are not a pousada so services need to be arranged for all visitors.
Please fill out our intake form. Rooms are available for support staff.

Miracle Healing Water
at Sanctuary

Sanctuary is a paradise hidden behind two rivers that surround us. Thus, we have three natural swimming pools very close to
the house.

Miracle Healing Water
at Sanctuary

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About us

Our Sanctuary is located in Moinho, a large and fertile valley between the foothills of the Serra Geral do Parana and the Sierra Fria. Has a core of simple and small houses surrounded by farms and ranches. It housed the first flour mill in Chapada dos Veadeiros.
We are 230 kilometers north of Brasilia, the federal capital of Brasil. There are no regular flights to the Chapada region. Flyers usually land in Brasilia (frequent flights from main airports in the USA, and from any other city in Brazil) then travel overland to Moinho.
There are buses departing from Brasília to Alto Paraíso, and we offer transfer in/out that can be arranged.

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